Are dogs allowed?

Are cats allowed?
Yes.  Two indoor cats are allowed.

How many people can occupy each apartment?
Per maximum occupancy standards, our one-bedroom apartments allow two persons familial or one person non-familial.

Our two-bedroom apartments allow two persons non-familial or four persons familial. No more than two adults are allowed to occupy an apartment of any size at Charlesbank Estates.

Summer at CharlesBank Estates

How many apartments are at Charlesbank Estates?
Forty one-bedroom units, one hundred twenty two-bedrooms, thirty-three two-bedrooms with balcony, twenty-two with two bedrooms and two baths are available in the Charlesbank Estates.

How can we get to Charlesbank Estates from Boston?
See directions.

How far is it to the nearest MBTA Commuter Rail station?
The Brandeis/Roberts MBTA station is a five minute walk from Charlesbank Estates.

What size are the apartments?
The apartments at Charlesbank Estates are from 750 to 1,000 square feet.
floor plans.

What parking is provided with each apartment?
Parking for two vehicles per apartment is provided by Charlesbank.

What about the heat?
Heating at Charlesbank Estates is by natural gas and it is included in the rent.
Hot water is also included in the rent.

Do you require a security deposit?
No security deposit is required.  We require last month’s rent in advance with application.

What laundry facilities do you have for the apartments?
For every group of buildings, there is a laundry facility.  It is centrally located in close proximity to each apartment.

Do you have basements or storage areas?
All two bedrooms and most one bedroom apartments have storage in the attic.

How can we inquire more about these apartments online?
Go to our apartment inquiry page, fill in the information and we will get back to you within one business day.

Do you have recycling pickup at the apartments?
Recycle bins are easily accessible and located in the parking lots.

Is cable included in the rent or available to at Charlesbank?
Cable is available but not included in the rent.  Tenants can choose between RCN, Comcast or Verizon FIOS.

Do you have a swimming pool at Charlesbank Estates?
Yes. There is an outdoor pool at Charlesbank.  (See the Photo Gallery.) There is a membership available to use both pools on the grounds at a per-season cost of $150/person; $250/2 people; and, $30/child.

Is a lease required?
Yes.  A lease is required - one year lease for the first year; then, 60-day notice after one year.
No subletting.

What will be asked for deposits when signing lease?
The last month's rent is required with the application.  First month's rent due on move in. (No security deposit, application fee or pet fee is required.)


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